• Kristina


Many people keep asking themselves: what if I have done this or that, would I be happier now? Would I be feeling less lonely? Would I be feeling better?

Although, can you really go back to the past to change the situation? There was the reason why you made that choice. Can you go to the future and see what is going to happen? No. But for some reason you just know that something is going to happen and usually this “something” is a bad thing. We all have tendencies to overthink, but when our thoughts begin to control our lives and make us anxious and depressed, we have a problem. Unwanted thoughts may keep you from enjoying your life and stop you from making right decisions.

This is an exercise that my clients find helpful in stopping unwanted thoughts.

1. What I am thinking (what is your negative thought?)

2. Facts are supporting my thoughts

3. Facts are contradicting my thoughts

4. Are you trusting facts or your beliefs?

5. May be you are mistaking: are you misinterpreting evidence or making assumptions?

6. Do you have negative thoughts out of habit, or your thoughts are supported with something?

7. What other people would have done in this situation?

8. What is the worse case scenario?

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