Walking on the other side

There are plenty of therapy services for victims of dishonesty, “getting over of the other woman” or cheating partner, how to get over lying friends, envious colleges, backstabbing family members…  That is right, no one wants to feel used or cheated on.  

But there are two sides of every story.

I would like to listen to another side and help. 

If you are

  • Already cheating

  • Thinking about cheating

  • “Another woman”

  • Cheating husband who is not attracted to his wife anymore

  • Envious friend or neighbor

  • Gold-digger

  • Manipulator

  • Feeling remorseful after the fact 

  • Not feeling remorseful, but lost in trying to justify your action.

  • Lost interest in your partner who didn't so anything wrong 

  • Feeling lost in your lies 

Everyone needs help sometimes. I am nonjudgmental open-minded licensed  therapist who can relate and help.

Society doesn't like the type of people I mentioned above, however sometimes people act in certain way not because they are just "bad", but because due to some reasons and circumstances it was the course of actions they decided to take. 

When you need a professional and realistic help in figuring out yourself, please contact me at 1-305-771-0300.  For International clients you can reach me on WhatsApp at 1-305-333-6669.  I speak English and Russian. EST time zone (New York), my email is Kthompsoncouseling.com, you can set up a client’s account with appointment here: happymoodtherapy.com.


Kristina Thompson, LCSW